Sana + Arman {Rave}

Sana and Arman had their wedding a couple months ago. The emotions of the day were amazing and the images definitely reflected that. Me being the shameless self that I am, asked Sana and Arman to give me some feedback to see if they have anything nice to say about me!

Dear Rocky,

Although your work speaks for itself, we just wanted to tell you that working with you goes beyond just hiring a photographer. Planning a wedding is hard work and often scary for a bride and groom because the element of disaster is always there and the last thing any bride and groom wants is to look at their wedding pictures months and years down the line and be reminded of anything but the love, emotions and glitter of that day. Needless to say, we had a lot of chaos throughout our day and it was hard to take everything in as time flew by. But when we were losing track and stressing out, you put on a smile for us, assured us that “everything is great” and insisted on capturing the moments we may not have been making the most of. At times like that is when your job was at it’s highest importance, because of your positive attitude and composure throughout the day when we saw the same day edits at the reception we knew it was all real and that it couldn’t have been more beautiful. I know it’s been said before that your photographs ooze emotion, but being the subject to some of your pictures, we can truly attest to the fact that when we look back and see ourselves in them we are transported back to that moment. You knew exactly what pictures to take, when to do it and how to because you understood how we would like to remember our wedding day. Thank you for working with us and helping us preserve the best moments of our special day. Your profesionalism with your friendship meant a lot to both of us. All the best for your future and we look forward to finding excuses and working with you again and again.

With lots of love
Arman and Sana.

Super touched by their kind comments and was a total pleasure to be a part of their day!

O! And here is their wedding featured on Toronto Wedding Blog – Sash and Satin.

A few more images from Sana and Arman’s wedding!